Latin American cuisine is spicy and oh so unique

With such a rich culinary history showcasing the best of what’s grown locally from chillies, fruit, and Picante spices.


One of the most flamboyant and vibrant regions of the world, Latin America is home to some of our globe’s most dedicated foodies. Food to this region is a way of life and is met with genuine passion and adoration. Food isn’t just there to be eaten. It’s there to be savoured, loved, talked about, and celebrated. Each area has its unique traditions and recipes and, like many ancient corners of the world, history has played an essential role in the food cooked and enjoyed today. Comprising Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, Latin America is a vast region of many diverse cultures, and its cuisine is no different.

A long-developed combination of its indigenous tribes’ foods, Spanish cuisine and traditional African dishes that slaves brought with them.

The influence of African cuisine on the Caribbean Islands is evident with their rich meaty stews and pungent spices. In Mexico, the Mayan and Aztec tribes left a more profound mark on the cuisine we see today with tangy fresh flavours and grilled seafood, along with Spanish conquerors bringing grains like rice and maize.


Food is one of the most important things to the people of Mexico. To the south of the United States bordering the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of the Californian seas, Mexico is a diverse country, with each region more different than the next. Mexico’s varied landscapes are reflected in its varied and eclectic culinary culture, with high mountains and deep canyons in the centre, arid desert plains in the north, and dense, damp rainforests in the southeast. However, what we know of Mexican food is just a tiny portion of this amazingly vibrant and wide-ranging cuisine.



A Caribbean island of lush rainforests, sprawling mountains and tropical reef-line beaches, Jamaica is a fascinating and joyful pocket of the world that’s all about music, food and vivid life. Its unique culture puts food at the forefront with the same ethos that’s poured into the rhythm of daily life – do what feels good and have fun with it. Exciting flavours and ingredients, Jamaican cuisine is like no other in the world and a true expression of their passion for life.


Because food is our common language, choose yours …