Liz Edgecombe &

The Spice People…

“It’s not only about adding spice to life, it is about bringing people together, beyond physical distances, through the joy of a fulfilling table, through the
emotional language of food”

Liz Edgecombe is an avid spice evangelist and shares her love of food through flavour, scent and taste. Based in Victoria, Liz created The Spice People in 1997, to share her dedication to the spices of the famed spice route and to connect people from all walks of life through a collective commitment to exploring cuisines and cultures through spice. 

But Liz is more than just a spice explorer. Liz is a business mentor, single Mum, advocate for women in business and in her own right, a successful businesswoman with a growing team of staff, working to encourage and support other women to become business owners and leaders.  Liz grew her business while raising her two children, focused on creating a range of more than 200 spices to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary, offering an enriching culinary and cultural journey connecting people to cuisine.

Inspiring home cooks to challenge themselves, Liz created Flavours of the World, a range of delicious and aromatic spice foundations to create memorable meals and taking home cooks on a journey to the far-flung corners of the world, inspired by the spice route, and unlocking new flavour experiences in a simple and affordable way.

Thanks to her innate curiosity, a wealth of knowledge, successful business and frequent appearances on TV’s My Market Kitchen, Liz is today regarded as one of Australia’s most respected authorities on spice and has become a spice sage to many.