We’re all natural

All our blends are 100% natural and free from additives, fillers and sugars. All of our products are 100% vegan and contain no animal products.


When it comes to the processing of nuts, we maintain very strict processes to ensure the health and safety of all our customers. Our manufacturing company processes only tree nuts (pistachio, hazelnuts, and almonds) and sesame seeds – no peanuts – and we are always sure to manage stringent isolation and ensure no nut products come into contact with other raw materials. We also thoroughly clean all equipment after nut products and sesame seeds have been processed and packed. All our spice packets are labelled “Packed in a facility that processes nuts” to provide complete transparency.

We also operate an audited food safety management system as per HACCP guidelines to ensure safe food processing and maintain our accreditation. 


All of our FOTW blends have recently undergone gluten trace testing and have returned a 100% gluten-free tick of approval.
This means we are a certified gluten-free manufacturer to Australian Food Safety standards.
We will continue to test for gluten as per our HACCP guidelines to ensure our products meet Australian standards for gluten-free.


Lupins have now been added to mandatory allergen labelling in Australia.

We do not handle Lupins or stock them in our manufacturing premises. Should the situation occur where a product or ingredient may become contaminated with traces of lupins, this will be declared on our website, and on the labels of any products that may be affected.

Organic Policy

Organic Spices and herbs are highly sought-after, however, they are only worth buying if the flavour and quality are as good as, or better than, noncertified organic material.

The harvest and post-harvest handling and manufacturing processes need to be stringent to ensure the maximum essential oil component of the herb or spice is retained as this is the essence of the great flavour our products have. There is not much point in choosing an organic product that tastes like hay or dust.

The good news is that most of the herbs and spices are essentially wild and hand-harvested, which means that there is less likelihood of any chemical contamination. While some herbs and spices are commercially grown, they are all certified to contain no residual chemicals or pesticides.

We understand the worldwide movement towards cleaner foods that are free from chemicals and pesticides and have made the commitment to ensure that if we can source an organic option that meets our stringent specifications will choose to source this herb or spice for our range

Low Sodium Options

We receive many inquiries about using herbs and spices to reduce the levels of salt in cooking.
Luckily, pure herbs and spices do not contain salt and we work hard to create wholesome blends with minimal salt.


Our herbs and spice blends are free from sugar. While we may suggest adding some sugar to help caramelise the flavours of a dish in some of our recipes, it is your choice to add sugar or an alternative sweetener. 

Vegan options

We understand the worldwide movement towards less meat in their diet and as more alternate proteins become available the challenge is for people to know how to cook and create tasty meals.
A lot of food companies are simply advising the customer that any protein can be substituted into a recipe, but we believe that you need to create individual recipes for each protein with different fresh veggies and condiments to get the best flavour.
This is why we have developed this range with a flexitarian approach.
Each of our blends offers a selection of bespoke recipes using different proteins and dairy-free options.
The choice  is yours.