The Best Rendang Pairings When thinking of Malaysian curry, no one can go past the Rendang.  Although dubbed ‘Malaysian Rendang’, this versatile mild curry is popular throughout South-East Asian countries such as Singapore, The Philippines and most famously, Indonesia, where it’s said to have originated. Each region features their own collection of Rendang Recipes with Malaysia’s version rich in spices yet mild in heat, lending itself well to both meat and vegetarian options, the most popular and well-known version being beef.  We have created delicious rendang recipes for beef, chicken, Mushroom and Salmon.  Like most rich flavoured dishes become extraordinary when we serve with condiments and sides like pineapple or peanut and cucumber achar, the sweet and sour notes compliment the rendang dish perfectly. What is Rendang? Rendang is a dry-style curry of tender pieces of slow-cooked beef, a perfectly balanced blend of [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Spain

When you think of Spanish food, you without a doubt think, Paella! A dish encompassing all that Spanish food is about, Paella is a spiced rice dish of seafood, meat, punchy spices, and fresh lemon all made to be shared. Traditionally made with Calasparra rice (short-grain low-starch rice), Paella is named after the pan it is cooked in – a shallow, wide pan that cleverly allows for even heat distribution throughout cooking. Paella is traditionally always cooked by a man on Sunday over plenty of glasses of red wine. The saffron and both smoky and sweet paprika are integral in this dish to give it its classic, famed flavour and aroma.  A popular vegetarian Spanish dish - Tortilla or ‘potato omelette’. Fluffy light-as-air egg encases soft chunks of potato. It’s so simple, but oh so delicious and a perfect cheap, quick meal to [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Greece

With an array of iconic dishes, from the fresh and light to the luscious and satiating, Greeks know how to make their produce sing. When classic Greek street eats come to mind, you can't go past the Gyros. Traditionally made from spiced beef mince on a spit, lamb and chicken were soon introduced, and now, without a doubt, Lamb Gyros is Greece's most iconic snack food. Gyros are pockets of pita bread loaded with fresh salad, tzatziki, and meat freshly carved from the searing-hot spit.  A true staple in every Greek's pantry, very few dishes aren't wrapped or rolled in sheets of filo pastry. Filo is commonly used to make Feta pies, sweet baklava, and of course, spanakopita. One of Greece's most famous vegetarian dishes, spanakopita, is a pie-like dish made from fresh spinach and creamy feta along with some garlic, lemon, herbs, [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Jamaica

Undoubtedly one of Jamaica’s most traditional and popular dishes, Jerk Chicken, is found everywhere on the island, from street stalls to top restaurants. Named after its cooking method called ‘jerk cooking’, chicken is coated in a paste made from chillies, spices and herbs and slow-cooked over pimento wood in old oil barrels until charred and super smoky. It’s traditionally served with rice, peas, cabbage and fried plantains. Jerk marinade is also used to flavour beef, pork, goat, and fish.  Though Jerk is a standout of Jamaican cuisine, their national dish is Ackee & Saltfish. It is made of boiled ackee (a round, reddish-yellow fruit originally from West Africa) that’s then sauteed with codfish, onions, tomatoes, chillies and spices. This authentic dish is typically served for breakfast and occasionally at dinner with a side of fresh slaw and hard bread.  When it comes to [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Mexico

When it comes to iconic dishes in Mexico, there is certainly no shortage. Here are just a few of some of their delicious local gems: Chilaquiles to Mexicans are like bacon and eggs to Aussies. Made of fried corn tortillas cut into quarters and topped with red or green salsa, scrambled or fried eggs, chicken, cheese and cream, enjoyed as a classic breakfast dish and in true Mexican fashion, often come with refried beans. Tamales – First created for the Aztec, Mayan and Inca tribes who needed fueling up before going into battle, Tamales are pockets of corn dough stuffed with either sweet or savoury fillings then wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks and steamed. Fillings can include anything from meats, vegetables, mole, and cheeses or even fruits.   Often when we think Mexican food, we think tacos! One of Mexico’s most popular [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Ethiopia

If Berbere is the national spice of Ethiopia, then Injera is the national side dish. A savoury pancake, edible plate, and set of cutlery all in one, Injera is a slightly sour fermented flatbread with a spongy texture that's eaten with just about everything. Traditionally served with curries, stews, and salads on top, Injera is used to pick up and eat food with the right hand, making every dish a completely immersive experience.  The most common dish you'll find atop a piece of Injera is a Wat – Ethiopian curry. Doro Wat (chicken curry) is their most iconic dish at every pivotal event and ceremony in Ethiopia. It's rich and red with a strong aroma and flavour from the Berbere cooked low and slow until the chicken is super tender. Served at festivals and family get-togethers on Ganna or Timkat, Doro Wat is [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Morocco

Lamb is the most commonly cooked dish in Morocco, followed by chicken, and is usually prepared the traditional way in a tagine.  A tagine is a round clay dish with a cone-shaped lid to lock in the heat and flavour; the traditional tagines are soaked overnight in water then placed on the hot coals with meats and vegetables braising inside until tender and super-fragrant. Legumes such as lentils and chickpeas are also popular to add protein. Hearty vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, and carrots are commonly added to tagines with the clever additions of olives for saltiness and fruits like currants and pomegranate seeds for sweetness.  In Morocco, almost no dish is eaten without couscous. A combination of wheat flour, semolina, barley, and corn, couscous is milled and rolled into a fine grain that swells and softens when cooked in hot water or stock. [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Japan

The Japanese word for curry is Kare, and their take on curry is a golden sauce for chicken, veg, or beef flavoured with spices and sweetened with apples. A popular version is the Katsu Curry, in which they crumb the chicken cutlets or tofu steaks and then cover them with rich curry gravy.   When it comes to iconic dishes in Japan, many celebrate local fruits of the sea. No other cuisine celebrates seafood quite like the Japanese – from seaweed to urchins to grilled, dried, poached or even raw fish, seafood is a staple in this elegantly simple cuisine. Sushi is a work of art in itself and celebrates the natural flavour of seafood like no other. Traditionally consisting of nori seaweed sheets, sticky rice, and seafood, meat or veg in the centre then rolled in a bamboo mat to create a cylinder [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in China

Home of the stir-fry, Chinese food is all about eating with the eyes and the stomach. There is no set ingredient list for any stir-fry. It’s all about colourful, fresh ingredients cooked quickly on a high heat and constantly moving in their most prized cooking implements – the wok. Every Chinese home has at least one, and it has now become known worldwide like this. Clever in design, it heats up quickly whilst maintaining an even heat throughout and pushing all ingredients back to the centre after being tossed in its piping-hot sphere.  With China being such a sprawling country with so many iconic and traditional dishes throughout, there are many stand-outs that we in Australia just love including things like the classic Sweet and Sour Pork and Chop Sui from the South or Sichuan-spiced crispy chicken and seafood of the North. One [...]

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The most famous Malaysian dishes

Malaysian dishes Rendang When thinking of Malaysian curry, no one can go past the Rendang. However, it is hotly contested as to whether Rendang is of Indonesian or Malaysian origin. Regardless, in both countries, it has become a national treasure. Rendang is a tender, slightly more dry curry filled with slow-cooked beef, punchy herbs, spices, and warm toasted coconut. As with most Southeast Asian curries, a good spice blend is vital and the foundation to good Rendang. Dried chillies add a raisin-like flavour and intense heat, whilst kaffir lime leaves add a tang, galangal and turmeric, an earthy hum, and cloves and cumin a warm sweetness along with many other flavourful additions. Try our Beef Rendang recipe here Laksa Laksa is a complex, hearty broth made most commonly from a collection of spices, coconut cream, lime, chilli, pungent prawn paste, two types of [...]

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