Iconic dishes & drinks in Spain

When you think of Spanish food, you without a doubt think, Paella! A dish encompassing all that Spanish food is about, Paella is a spiced rice dish of seafood, meat, punchy spices, and fresh lemon all made to be shared. Traditionally made with Calasparra rice (short-grain low-starch rice), Paella is named after the pan it is cooked in – a shallow, wide pan that cleverly allows for even heat distribution throughout cooking. Paella is traditionally always cooked by a man on Sunday over plenty of glasses of red wine. The saffron and both smoky and sweet paprika are integral in this dish to give it its classic, famed flavour and aroma.  A popular vegetarian Spanish dish - Tortilla or ‘potato omelette’. Fluffy light-as-air egg encases soft chunks of potato. It’s so simple, but oh so delicious and a perfect cheap, quick meal to [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Greece

With an array of iconic dishes, from the fresh and light to the luscious and satiating, Greeks know how to make their produce sing. When classic Greek street eats come to mind, you can't go past the Gyros. Traditionally made from spiced beef mince on a spit, lamb and chicken were soon introduced, and now, without a doubt, Lamb Gyros is Greece's most iconic snack food. Gyros are pockets of pita bread loaded with fresh salad, tzatziki, and meat freshly carved from the searing-hot spit.  A true staple in every Greek's pantry, very few dishes aren't wrapped or rolled in sheets of filo pastry. Filo is commonly used to make Feta pies, sweet baklava, and of course, spanakopita. One of Greece's most famous vegetarian dishes, spanakopita, is a pie-like dish made from fresh spinach and creamy feta along with some garlic, lemon, herbs, [...]

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