What is Jerk Chicken and is it healthy?

What is Jerk Chicken, and is it healthy? Jamaica’s most famous and well-loved dish, Jerk Chicken, has made its way around the globe, being served up on dinner plates all over the world; but did you know this wonderfully flavourful and punchy dish has a rich history and even richer nutrient content? Many don’t. So, we’re here to answer all of your burning questions about this very famous of Jamaican recipes. What is Jamaican Jerk sauce made of? Traditionally comprising a fragrant spice mix made of allspice, peppers, thyme, paprika, cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg and sage with fresh lime and orange juice, brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, onion and scotch bonnet peppers (an authentic ingredient however optional if you don’t like the heat), this perfectly balanced sauce is used to marinate chicken, fish, pork, seafood or even veg. Why is it called jerk [...]

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Quick and Easy Jamaican Recipes

Jamaican cuisine is one of the most vibrant and flavourful in the world. However, it seldom makes its way onto a standard family weeknight rotation as many are lost when it comes to creating Jamaican recipes at home. Though some can appear complex or contain hard-to-find ingredients, Jamaican cuisine is super-simple to whip up at home and has many local substitutes when it comes to Island ingredients. Loaded with fresh fruits, zingy citrus flavours, and fragrant spices, we’ve created a quick and easy guide on making Jamaican food recipes and bringing the taste of the Caribbean to your dinner table. Below are our top 10 Jamaican recipes and meal ideas using our Jamaican Jerk Blend: Jamaican Jerk Chicken Jamaican Grilled Jerk Prawns Jamaican Jerk Sweet Potato with Black Beans Jamaican Slow-Braised Pork Jamaican Rice and Beans Jerk Chickpea Curry Jerk Salmon Traybake Caribbean [...]

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10 Easy Homemade Burrito Recipes

10 Easy Homemade Burrito Recipes Arguably one of Mexico’s most well-known and celebrated dishes is the burrito; there is, however, a long history surrounding the humble tortilla pocket we all know and love. Along with requests for authentic Mexican burrito recipes, we get many questions about its origins and flavours, so we thought we would answer a few on this post, plus provide you with our top 10 easy homemade burrito recipes so you can whip them up yourself at home! Are burritos Mexican or Tex Mex? The origins of the Burrito date back to the early 1900s when, during the Mexican Revolution, a vendor named Juan Mendez traded on the streets of Ciudad Juarez. To keep produce warm whilst transporting it on his donkey-drawn cart, he wrapped it in a tortilla and the burrito, or ‘little donkey’, was born. Since arriving in [...]

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Mexican Breakfast Burrito Recipes

Mexican Breakfast Burrito Recipes Burritos are one of the globe’s most-loved Mexican dishes, but they don’t need to just be confined to lunch or dinner; some of our favourite authentic Mexican food recipes are Mexican breakfast burritos. A little indulgent and a whole lot of delicious, breakfast burritos make the ultimate weekend breakfast, and they are super simple to make! Below are a few of our favourite takes on authentic Mexican food recipes using our flavourful Mexican Burrito Blend. The Classic Breakfast Burrito First, up is a classic cooked breakfast turned burrito. This authentic Mexican breakfast burrito recipe combines fluffy scrambled eggs spiced with our Mexican Burrito Blend, crispy bacon, shredded cheese and fresh tomato salsa. Fast, simple and an absolute classic! The Veggie Breaky Burrito A fantastic vegetarian take on a simple breakfast burrito combining scrambled eggs spiced with Mexican Burrito blend, [...]

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10 Delicious Moroccan Recipes

To the west of North Africa and bordering the Mediterranean Sea is Morocco – arguably one of our world's most renowned cuisines. Featuring a diverse array of unique dishes influenced by both its African and European neighbours, Morocco is famous for spice-rich dishes loaded with flavours that’s been masterfully balanced to create a taste sensation. Home to some of our globe’s most-loved and cooked dishes, Moroccan recipes have transcended into some of the world’s most iconic dishes such as the famous tagine – the original one-pot wonder. A traditional clay pot used to braise meats and vegetables, Morocco has introduced our world to the delightful marriage of sweet and savoury and incorporating perfumed dried fruits all cooked together in one pot. From lamb to chicken to vegetables to beef, check out our Top 10 Delicious Moroccan Recipes, cooked both in and out of [...]

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Essential Foods for Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Spices and Foods to Keep in the Pantry Known for their love of spices, Moroccans place great focus on the growing and harvesting of the best herbs and spices. A predominant portion of food from Morocco is flavoured with a fragrant mix of locally grown spices that give it a traditional twist like no other and many dishes in traditional Moroccan cuisine cannot be replicated without these staple ingredients. Not only an investment in their cuisine, much of the region’s business is also due to spice growing, producing, and trading. Most commonly around Morocco, you'll find black pepper, turmeric, and ginger, as well as the world-renowned Moroccan Saffron. Worth its weight in gold, saffron is the most expensive and highly sought-after spice in the world. The most authentic saffron in the world is obtained from a small town in Morocco called Taliouine, [...]

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Malaysian Rendang Spices and History Authentic Malaysian beef rendang is a coconut beef curry with aromatic spices, kaffir lime leaves and kecap manis. Slow-cooked until super-soft and tender, the beef melts in your mouth, creating a delightfully sensory experience. The secret to a perfect Malaysian Rendang lies in the combination of aromatic rendang spices that are slowly cooked in sweet, nutty coconut milk and reduced into a rich, dry curry. The traditional rendang spice mix recipe makes this curry one of the world's most popular curries, and we can certainly see why. Authentic Malaysian Rendang History Malaysian Rendang is a rich, fragrant, and mildly spiced curry often traditionally cooked at special events like weddings. The exact origins of the Rendang are still up for debate. The Malays lay claim to this iconic dish however, it is said to have originally come from Indonesia. [...]

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Beef Rendang Accompaniments

The Best Rendang Pairings When thinking of Malaysian curry, no one can go past the Rendang.  Although dubbed ‘Malaysian Rendang’, this versatile mild curry is popular throughout South-East Asian countries such as Singapore, The Philippines and most famously, Indonesia, where it’s said to have originated. Each region features their own collection of Rendang Recipes with Malaysia’s version rich in spices yet mild in heat, lending itself well to both meat and vegetarian options, the most popular and well-known version being beef.  We have created delicious rendang recipes for beef, chicken, Mushroom and Salmon.  Like most rich flavoured dishes become extraordinary when we serve with condiments and sides like pineapple or peanut and cucumber achar, the sweet and sour notes compliment the rendang dish perfectly. What is Rendang? Rendang is a dry-style curry of tender pieces of slow-cooked beef, a perfectly balanced blend of [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Spain

When you think of Spanish food, you without a doubt think, Paella! A dish encompassing all that Spanish food is about, Paella is a spiced rice dish of seafood, meat, punchy spices, and fresh lemon all made to be shared. Traditionally made with Calasparra rice (short-grain low-starch rice), Paella is named after the pan it is cooked in – a shallow, wide pan that cleverly allows for even heat distribution throughout cooking. Paella is traditionally always cooked by a man on Sunday over plenty of glasses of red wine. The saffron and both smoky and sweet paprika are integral in this dish to give it its classic, famed flavour and aroma.  A popular vegetarian Spanish dish - Tortilla or ‘potato omelette’. Fluffy light-as-air egg encases soft chunks of potato. It’s so simple, but oh so delicious and a perfect cheap, quick meal to [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Greece

With an array of iconic dishes, from the fresh and light to the luscious and satiating, Greeks know how to make their produce sing. When classic Greek street eats come to mind, you can't go past the Gyros. Traditionally made from spiced beef mince on a spit, lamb and chicken were soon introduced, and now, without a doubt, Lamb Gyros is Greece's most iconic snack food. Gyros are pockets of pita bread loaded with fresh salad, tzatziki, and meat freshly carved from the searing-hot spit.  A true staple in every Greek's pantry, very few dishes aren't wrapped or rolled in sheets of filo pastry. Filo is commonly used to make Feta pies, sweet baklava, and of course, spanakopita. One of Greece's most famous vegetarian dishes, spanakopita, is a pie-like dish made from fresh spinach and creamy feta along with some garlic, lemon, herbs, [...]

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