Malaysian Rendang Spices and History Authentic Malaysian beef rendang is a coconut beef curry with aromatic spices, kaffir lime leaves and kecap manis. Slow-cooked until super-soft and tender, the beef melts in your mouth, creating a delightfully sensory experience. The secret to a perfect Malaysian Rendang lies in the combination of aromatic rendang spices that are slowly cooked in sweet, nutty coconut milk and reduced into a rich, dry curry. The traditional rendang spice mix recipe makes this curry one of the world's most popular curries, and we can certainly see why. Authentic Malaysian Rendang History Malaysian Rendang is a rich, fragrant, and mildly spiced curry often traditionally cooked at special events like weddings. The exact origins of the Rendang are still up for debate. The Malays lay claim to this iconic dish however, it is said to have originally come from Indonesia. [...]

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Beef Rendang Accompaniments

The Best Rendang Pairings When thinking of Malaysian curry, no one can go past the Rendang.  Although dubbed ‘Malaysian Rendang’, this versatile mild curry is popular throughout South-East Asian countries such as Singapore, The Philippines and most famously, Indonesia, where it’s said to have originated. Each region features their own collection of Rendang Recipes with Malaysia’s version rich in spices yet mild in heat, lending itself well to both meat and vegetarian options, the most popular and well-known version being beef.  We have created delicious rendang recipes for beef, chicken, Mushroom and Salmon.  Like most rich flavoured dishes become extraordinary when we serve with condiments and sides like pineapple or peanut and cucumber achar, the sweet and sour notes compliment the rendang dish perfectly. What is Rendang? Rendang is a dry-style curry of tender pieces of slow-cooked beef, a perfectly balanced blend of [...]

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The most famous Malaysian dishes

Malaysian dishes Rendang When thinking of Malaysian curry, no one can go past the Rendang. However, it is hotly contested as to whether Rendang is of Indonesian or Malaysian origin. Regardless, in both countries, it has become a national treasure. Rendang is a tender, slightly more dry curry filled with slow-cooked beef, punchy herbs, spices, and warm toasted coconut. As with most Southeast Asian curries, a good spice blend is vital and the foundation to good Rendang. Dried chillies add a raisin-like flavour and intense heat, whilst kaffir lime leaves add a tang, galangal and turmeric, an earthy hum, and cloves and cumin a warm sweetness along with many other flavourful additions. Try our Beef Rendang recipe here Laksa Laksa is a complex, hearty broth made most commonly from a collection of spices, coconut cream, lime, chilli, pungent prawn paste, two types of [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Thailand

With so many native delicacies and iconic dishes, three staple dish categories you will always find around Thailand are salads, stir-fries and curries. Due to the warm climate, salads are essential in Thai cuisine; however, the use of salad is very different to our western world. Commonly used in Thai salads are raw vegetables and unripe fruits, meats, and lots of herbs, with the common adornment of crunchy nuts, seeds or fried shallots all balanced for colour, texture and flavour. One of the most famous is a Waterfall Beef Salad – roasted and ground rice is tossed through fresh mint and coriander with grilled beef. Topped with fried shallots, all doused in a zesty sauce of classic Thai flavours, including lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, fish sauce, lime, chilli and palm sugar. Another refreshing hit throughout Thailand is the mega-hot Papaya Salad made from [...]

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