10 Delicious Moroccan Recipes

To the west of North Africa and bordering the Mediterranean Sea is Morocco – arguably one of our world's most renowned cuisines. Featuring a diverse array of unique dishes influenced by both its African and European neighbours, Morocco is famous for spice-rich dishes loaded with flavours that’s been masterfully balanced to create a taste sensation. Home to some of our globe’s most-loved and cooked dishes, Moroccan recipes have transcended into some of the world’s most iconic dishes such as the famous tagine – the original one-pot wonder. A traditional clay pot used to braise meats and vegetables, Morocco has introduced our world to the delightful marriage of sweet and savoury and incorporating perfumed dried fruits all cooked together in one pot. From lamb to chicken to vegetables to beef, check out our Top 10 Delicious Moroccan Recipes, cooked both in and out of [...]

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Essential Foods for Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Spices and Foods to Keep in the Pantry Known for their love of spices, Moroccans place great focus on the growing and harvesting of the best herbs and spices. A predominant portion of food from Morocco is flavoured with a fragrant mix of locally grown spices that give it a traditional twist like no other and many dishes in traditional Moroccan cuisine cannot be replicated without these staple ingredients. Not only an investment in their cuisine, much of the region’s business is also due to spice growing, producing, and trading. Most commonly around Morocco, you'll find black pepper, turmeric, and ginger, as well as the world-renowned Moroccan Saffron. Worth its weight in gold, saffron is the most expensive and highly sought-after spice in the world. The most authentic saffron in the world is obtained from a small town in Morocco called Taliouine, [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in Ethiopia

If Berbere is the national spice of Ethiopia, then Injera is the national side dish. A savoury pancake, edible plate, and set of cutlery all in one, Injera is a slightly sour fermented flatbread with a spongy texture that's eaten with just about everything. Traditionally served with curries, stews, and salads on top, Injera is used to pick up and eat food with the right hand, making every dish a completely immersive experience.  The most common dish you'll find atop a piece of Injera is a Wat – Ethiopian curry. Doro Wat (chicken curry) is their most iconic dish at every pivotal event and ceremony in Ethiopia. It's rich and red with a strong aroma and flavour from the Berbere cooked low and slow until the chicken is super tender. Served at festivals and family get-togethers on Ganna or Timkat, Doro Wat is [...]

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Traditional Moroccan Dishes and Foods

The Tagine The most commonly cooked Moroccan food dishes consist of lamb, followed by chicken, and are usually prepared the traditional way in a tagine. A tagine is a traditional round clay dish with a cone-shaped lid used to lock in heat and flavour, braising meat and vegetables until tender and super-fragrant. Along with meats, legumes such as lentils and chickpeas are also popular to add protein. Hearty vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, and carrots are commonly added to tagines with the clever additions of olives for saltiness and fruits like currants and pomegranate seeds for sweetness. Couscous In Morocco, almost no dish is eaten without couscous. A combination of wheat flour, semolina, barley, and corn, couscous is milled and rolled into a fine grain that swells and softens when cooked in hot water or stock. Its light, fluffy texture and neutral flavour make it [...]

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