Iconic dishes & drinks in Japan

The Japanese word for curry is Kare, and their take on curry is a golden sauce for chicken, veg, or beef flavoured with spices and sweetened with apples. A popular version is the Katsu Curry, in which they crumb the chicken cutlets or tofu steaks and then cover them with rich curry gravy.   When it comes to iconic dishes in Japan, many celebrate local fruits of the sea. No other cuisine celebrates seafood quite like the Japanese – from seaweed to urchins to grilled, dried, poached or even raw fish, seafood is a staple in this elegantly simple cuisine. Sushi is a work of art in itself and celebrates the natural flavour of seafood like no other. Traditionally consisting of nori seaweed sheets, sticky rice, and seafood, meat or veg in the centre then rolled in a bamboo mat to create a cylinder [...]

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Iconic dishes & drinks in China

Home of the stir-fry, Chinese food is all about eating with the eyes and the stomach. There is no set ingredient list for any stir-fry. It’s all about colourful, fresh ingredients cooked quickly on a high heat and constantly moving in their most prized cooking implements – the wok. Every Chinese home has at least one, and it has now become known worldwide like this. Clever in design, it heats up quickly whilst maintaining an even heat throughout and pushing all ingredients back to the centre after being tossed in its piping-hot sphere.  With China being such a sprawling country with so many iconic and traditional dishes throughout, there are many stand-outs that we in Australia just love including things like the classic Sweet and Sour Pork and Chop Sui from the South or Sichuan-spiced crispy chicken and seafood of the North. One [...]

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