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Often considered one of the world’s oldest evolving cuisines, the Chinese believe the sign of a good cook is their knowledge and skill in blending and balancing, like yin and yang. The five spices are a pillar of Chinese cuisine, with sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami notes. Transport your day into a journey back to ancient Chinese times.
Each packet has a recipe on the back of the packet or you can choose one of our other favourites listed below!
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Servings: 8
Packet wt: 22g

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Iconic dishes you will love to create with this spice blend:

Chinese Five Spice Braised Pork BellyA sumptuous flavour-loaded hot pot dish of slow-braised pork belly
Chinese Five Spice MushroomMeaty mushrooms carry the rich flavours of Five Spice perfectly in this vegetarian stir-fry
Chinese Five Spice Sticky ChickenA sweet and spicy sticky sauce brings this tray-baked chicken to life
Chinese Five Spice SalmonSalmon fillets marinated with five-spice and miso, paired with  sweet potato mash and beans

Culinary notes:

In each of the eight dominant Chinese cuisines, the balance of flavour is fundamental.

A finely harmonised blend of cinnamon, star anise and chilli peppers bring the true taste of Chinese cooking to your meals. Used in many dishes from hot pots and slow braises to fast and fiery stir-fries, this versatile blend adds a simultaneously sweet, hot and savoury flavour to any dish it’s added to. A prominent influence in the global spice route is grounded in China’s Silk Road history. Its spices and blends are some of our globe’s most ancient flavour bases and this blend is a fine example of the depth of flavour of the various cuisines within China. Use with fish, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, you name it! Find out more about Chinese cuisine and its history here.


Cinnamon, garlic, star anise, ginger, fennel, pepper, cloves, orange peel.
Allergen advice: Packed in a facility that processes tree nuts and sesame seeds.
We are 100% Australian, and we create this delicious pure spice blend here in Australia from 100% imported ingredients. 

Health benefits:

All of our blends are full of spices that are beneficial to your health.
They are preservative-free, additive-free, filler-free, sugar-free and contain low or zero salt.
The intense flavour from our spice blends means a little goes a long way.
Our Chinese Five Spice blend is packed with Star Anise for fighting the common cold and aiding in digestion, Clove and Cinnamon for antioxidants and Sichuan Pepper for immune boosting.

Other names or spelling:

Five-Spice Powder, 5 spice 

Is Chinese Five Spice a hot blend?
The addition of Sichuan Pepper adds a warm hum to the blend however isn’t chilli-hot so is suited to those with milder palettes.
How can I make this blend hotter?
Yes! Simply add chilli powder, dried chilli or chopped fresh chillies when cooking.
What sides can I eat with Chinese Five Spice dishes?
Our favourite sides to serve alongside the punchy flavours of Five Spice are Cucumber & Peanut Salad or Asian Stir-Fried Greens – both recipes are listed below our Five Spice recipe pages. 



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